I hear the best stories

I just met two college students on a mission to get nurseries and big-box retailers to stop selling invasive, non-native plants in Texas. And they’ll do it, too.

They started their nonprofit, Eco Texas,  when they were sophomores at LBJ High School and run it now from Harvard and Cornell. So far, they’ve enlisted hundreds of teenage volunteers from all over Austin to cut down and remove invasive plants in several Austin preserves and parks.

Picture it: Teenagers, boys and girls, in the hot Texas sun, using hack saws and axes to save a park. Can’t picture it? See the photos here.

The energy, the creativity, the will to change Austin for the better is out there.

I’m lucky that I get to hear these kinds of stories every day. I just try to share the best ones with you.

Please keep an eye out for our next issue, which goes live on Tuesday. Share it with your friends. Thanks!




3 Responses

  1. How, specfically, are they going about taking on nurseries and big box stores?

  2. How, specifically, are they going about taking on nurseries and big box stores?

  3. That’s the question. We recommend that they instead pursue a ban from the city, similar to the ban the city just made on selling pets at retail stores. We also recommended an education effort to let the consumer know how dangerous non-natives are to our Texas native ecology.

    If you have any suggestions, please contact them! They could use your help.


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