People—and awards—are so nice

We are very proud to have been selected for one of the 25 Austin American-Statesman Texas Social Media Awards for 2011.

GivingCity has been nominated since the TSMAs began three years ago, but this was worth the wait. Our fellow winners are some of the coolest, most influential and most engaging people and organizations in social media. We’re looking forward to the event on March 10 when they choose the overall winner.

Bonus news! We are also very proud to have been selected for one of the 10 SXSW Interactive Dewey Winburne Community Service Awards, which honor Central Texans who use technology and the Interwebs for the greater good. They’ll choose the overall winner at their event on March 11.

(Yes, that’s two awards in 24 hours. It’s not #tigersblood, but it’s pretty cool.)

Thanks to all of our followers, subscribers and likers (oy, these “new media” words). But especially thanks to the Austin Community Foundation—GivingCity’s fans are ACF’s fans now!

Here’s what I told the Statesman:

“Social media helps us share stories that offer more people an entry point to local philanthropy,” she says. “And once they connect with a cause, social media lets them connect with other people who support that cause, and, one by one, these connections expand Austin’s culture of philanthropy.”


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  1. Well deserved recognition for the good work you’re doing, Monica!

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