You can help us tell the stories of Austin giving.

For more than three years, we’ve given you the online magazine, blog and social media news services so many in Austin have come to rely on. Thousand of readers and nonprofits count on us for sharing information about volunteering, giving and other opportunities to give back. I’m so glad we can help!

In 2010, thanks to the Austin Community Foundation, GivingCity Austin has a stronger platform and a bigger audience than ever. And with your support, we continue to grow! This is a very exciting time for GivingCity and for philanthropy in Austin.

Now we need your support. Here’s how you can help:

1. Donate to the Austin Community Foundation. It’s simple, fast, online and tax deductible, of course.

2. ADVERTISE in GivingCity Austin. Talk about more bang for your buck. 

We target the most engaged, most plugged-in leaders in Austin. Our readers are highly educated, highly connected and highly supportive of Austin businesses and nonprofits. Plus, they’re really good folks who care about the community. No other media delivers such a targeted group.

Download our Media Kit now and see what we’re talking about. Then contact me – BEFORE MARCH 18, please, for the April issue.

Thank you!

One Response

  1. Bravo. Standing O. Perfect pitch.
    Kerry Tate
    Chair, Austin Community Foundation
    Senior Counsel, TateAustinHahn Communications & Public Affairs

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