SAT JULY 17: Fitness Fair to introduce more kids to sports

Fitness Feria 2010

FitnessFeria will introduce Austin Spanish-speaking families to school sports.

This Saturday, July 17, more than 40 nonprofits, health agencies, and fitness groups across the area will offer Fitness Feria, a first-ever concept for Austin.

The event features more than 20 sports and fitness activities demonstrated to families, including cycling, kayaking, football, cheerleading, ballet, golf, running, and more. There’ll also be hands-on practice activities between parents and children with coaches, athletes, and mentors.

At Fitness Feria, parents will navigate with their children thru an “Olympic pathway” of hands-on sports demonstrations and exhibits as they learn these things about the U.S. sports and fitness system:

· The ABCs of Movement – the essential physical activities at every age level, from infant to teenager

· What it takes to do many kinds of sports, such as volleyball, running, cycling, baseball, swimming, karate, soccer, and many more

· Where to connect with free sports camps, training, and fitness activities in the area

· How to get athletic mentors and scholarships

· The importance of practice, mental discipline, and healthy lifestyles to achieve success in sports and fitness

WHY: One in three kindergarteners in Austin is overweight or obese with a near majority of these kids live in Spanish language dominant families. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other illnesses are at their highest in the Hispanic community, but the number is increasing across all socioeconomic and ethnic groups.

Fitness Feria aims to give Spanish-speaking parents a better understanding of the U.S. sports and fitness system so they can be drivers of their family’s health and movement. The event also trains and mobilizes nonprofits and community groups to better engage the Spanish-speaking community. Organizers still need volunteers.

WHEN: Saturday, July 17, 2010, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

WHERE: Toney Burger Center, 3200 Jones Road, Austin, Texas

WHO CAN ATTEND: The program is geared toward Spanish-speaking families, but all families are welcome to attend.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Volunteer! According to Oné Musel-Gilley, “We have English and Spanish volunteer roles. However, our greatest need is Spanish speaking volunteers.” Go for it!

CONTACT: To learn more about Fitness Feria, click here.