How to tell your friends to Give5

The United Way Capital Area is a great opportunity to get first-time donors keen on the idea of philanthropy. It’s happening now and through Memorial Day weekend… but they’ll probably take your $5 any time of the year.

So YOU give money, and you want to encourage your friends, co-workers, and family to give some money… but what do you say? The following are some suggestions for conversation starters.

“Sorry I’m late for the meeting. I was donating $5 to the Austin United Way online and the stupid computer froze up. Did that happen for you guys, too?”

“Saw this homeless woman on my way in to work. I was thinking, you know, if each of us put in $5, we could probably feed that woman for a week. We should just do that, you know? There’s this Web site…”

“You know the sales this weekend will be awesome. And there are lots of stores that are donating 5 or 10 percent of sales to the Austin United Way… like I need an excuse to shop!”

“Did you know [INSERT NAME] just got laid off?  Sucks. All these people not working… and you know if every person here put in $5, we could probably pay their bills for a month? There’s this Web site…”

“Dude, it’s $5. Don’t be so cheap. Just go online and use the AutoFill. And hurry up, we’re late.”

Here’s where to send them: