Congratulations to Lights.Camera.Help., first-ever nonprofit film festival

Austin may have fallen in the ranks of big cities that volunteer, but it should be proud of the people who do step up – especially those who do so in creative new ways.

David Neff, Aaron Bramley and Rich Vazquez deserve lots of credit for the immense amount of work they put into Lights.Camera.Help. The first-ever nonprofit film festival was innovative in a lot of ways: It was a fundraiser, it was free to nonprofits, and it honored some great and budding filmmakers whose work puts a spotlight on good causes.

. There are many online “film fests” that link to videos-for-causes, but there’s something about seeing these films in person with a group of strangers that you can’t get online. That setting not only allows you to connect with the film, it allows the audience members to connect with each other. It also makes everyone who sees those films accountable for the knowledge they gain. Everyone at the screenings and wrap party for LCH can and should take an action – we know you were there, we know you saw the film.

Not that that was their intent – to lecture and lean on you. But thanks to LCH, there are more witnesses to the needs featured in these films.

JULY 31-AUG 1: World’s First Nonprofit Film Fest -in Austin!

Have you ever been moved by a public service announcement? Have you watched a video on YouTube that inspired you to reach out to the community and do something?

We’ve all seen those little videos on YouTube, another website, or even television, and usually we’re alone in front of the screen. But there’s something powerful about a shared video experience, especially one in which the video relates to a cause or need in the community. And when a video reaches out to you with hope rather than need, it’s a wonderful thing to share with an audience.

That’s the idea behind Lights.Camera.Help, a new nonprofit film festival that will screen 12 documentaries, videos, and PSAs over two nights, July 31 – August 1. It’s the brainchild and work of David Neff, Aaron Bramley, and Rich Vazquez, Austinites with roots deep in the local film community and the local nonprofit community.

I posted earlier about their launch party in May, and you can read an interview with them and see photos from that event here.

You’ll want to get tickets for this event because it’s not just a screening, it’s a competition. Judges will choose the top video effort from among the 12, and donate the entire two-evening’s ticket sales to the nonprofit that’s the subject of the winning video.

Get tickets and see all the details at Lights.Camera.Help!

July 31 – Aug 1

Tickets $7 – $15

(Don’t forget to go to the wrap-up party on August 2.)

See this video for more information:

Thanks to Starfish Television Network.