Here are some of the comments, Tweets and emails we’ve received from the readers we serve in Austin. Thanks for your support.

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Oscar Davila: Keep up the great work!

Amber Fogarty: You’re making an impact. No doubt in my mind. Patience is good…guess there’s a reason it’s a virtue. It’s tough to be patient though, especially for movers and shakers like us. At times when my patience is tested, I remember that I’m not in charge. God’s always up to something, and I trust that things are as they should be.

Sherry Lowry: Wow! What an incredibly appropriate idea for our time – Giving City! This is a great contribution to Austin and our many, many non-profit organizations – pun intended.

Patsy Woods Martin: Great article. Very thoughtfully done. I would just share a comment made by my friend, Susan Berliner, who has been involved in several mergers within the Central Texas nonprofit sector over time. When I asked Susan about the idea of too many non-profits in Austin as mentioned to me by donors, she responded that we are not asking the right question. And the right question is, “As a community, are we providing nonprofit services to those who need them in the most efficient and effective way?” I have to agree with Susan!

Kerri Qunell, Capital Area Food Bank: Fantastic work! Love getting this.

John Turner, United Way Capital Area: Interesting articles and visually stunning….keep up the great work!

Alissa Magrum, Communities In Schools: Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into Giving City..It is an amazing asset to Austin.

David J. Neff: Amazing issue Monica. I look forward to devouring every page. Radass work.

Hannah Nokes, Leadership Austin:
What a beautiful issue! I love the article about Leadership Austin and busting the myths. I am so proud of all the New Philanthropists as well. And beautiful pics of the We Are One campaign behind the scenes.

Debbie: Beautiful new issue Monica. Torquil, you’re so talented.

Julie Tereshchuk: Bravo to all! Innovative design + and interesting content. A winning combination.

Kerry Tate, Chair, Austin Community Foundation and Senior Counsel, TateAustinHahn Communications & Public Affairs: Bravo. Standing O. Perfect pitch.

Christine Cox: I love this interview! What a cool guy – and right on! Thanks for posting!

Andrea Ball: This is a really interesting perspective — I never thought of it that way. You’re awesome.

Jacqueline Beretta: Thank you Austin’s Giving City! We appreciate you as well. Isn’t it fun to spread good news! Keep up the great work!

kaka135: Thanks for sharing that. This is also a good site, that we can do search and donate some money to the charity. I’ll bookmark the site too.

Missionlog: Keep up the good work!

Dan Bassill, Tutor/Mentor Connection: Thanks for your efforts to help connect kids with tutors/mentors. Visit and you and your volunteers can find extensive resources to support your work, and to expand your network.

Norwood: Hooray for Giving City! Congratulations on your first of many issues.

Mando Rayo, Hands On Central Texas: Congratulations! Way to champion the good work of nonprofits and volunteers!

Allegra Young, Duke Divinity School: Bravo Monica and Torquil! This is brilliant! Thank you for lending your strong voices to make our world better.

Momma, (my mom): Needless to say your Daddy and I are very proud of you. Congratulations to you and Torquil for your insight and your desire to do what you want to do.

There are endless opportunities for people to do things and for free. The only cost is donating their time. How many people sit around the house not doing anything, complaining about being bored, sometimes shamelessly admitting “…I wish there was something to do” – when there are a thousand things to do. Once you get involved, you’ll find that it was easy, it was fun and it makes you want to do it again. One just has to want to do it.

I know of one lady, Gloria, who occasionally plays volleyball with our Thursday morning group, who is short on cash always. She’s tried to find work, but, because she is over 60 and not very educated book-wise, winds up volunteering. Right now, she volunteers for Meals on Wheels. That means providing her own vehicle (she has an old van – a gas guzzler!) She also volunteers every year as a food server for the Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner for homeless people and the elderly. That even attracts thousands of people so the hours are long and tiresome. All she gets out of it is a headache, tired feet, a sore back and A MEAL. One meal! You’d think she’d be able to take home leftovers at least for a week.

And you know what? She’s happy. She’s not concerned about her feet, her back – she’s concerned about making sure everyone that shows up gets a meal, gets their eating utensils. She’s concerned that there will be plenty of food for everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if she gave up her own plate to someone who otherwise would not be celebrating Thanksgiving.

She somehow manages to meet her personal expenses. I know she is a trained clown, but she doesn’t get many “gigs” showing her skills of making balloon puppies and whatnots and making people laugh. ( I know of three ladies who don’t care for clowns.) She comes to our Christmas luncheon and makes her balloon thingees for us. At her expense! God love her. We all do – and the balloons, too.

She is not one to boast. She doesn’t have to. She knows what she feels after volunteering and she just keeps on doing it. When you care, nothing else matters, I’ve always said.

So why not volunteer at least just once? Why not go to a church function and put up chairs and tables, go to a school and offer to tutor a child who otherwise would not get any help outside the school? WHY NOT? You know what? You’d be surprised to find out who else is doing it. It’s probably someone from work, or one of your neighbors, or someone you see at the store but don’t know their name.

Volunteering is easy. Nothing you can’t do is required of you. You can stand and hand out water or leaflets, show someone to their seat, serve food, maybe even cook a little – volunteering doesn’t always involve donating money. Of course, if you’d rather, then by all means go ahead and give money. But to actually be there and do something physical as well, that is worth a lot!

Thank you for letting us know how many people have organized all these opportunities for the rest of us to come together.
Again, congratulations and keep up the good work. Needless to say on my behalf and Daddy’s, our college investment in you has paid off.

Tonyia Cone: Congratulations Monica! The magazine looks great.

austinfoodbank: Congratulations! So well done. Thank you for what you’re doing to help promote giving and to educate our community about what they can do to make a difference. And what a perfect person for your cover. Couldn’t have chosen anyone better.

Kimberly Mariam: Congratulations! The magazine looks beautiful! I love the design and the photography, stunning! It’s wonderful that you are raising awareness and trying to get people out there to help!

Luciana: Congratulations! The magazine looks fantastic. AND has such a great purpose. Great job, team.

Torie: Congratulations! The magazine is fantastic! It looks amazing!

Lisa Goddard, Capital Area Food Bank: Thanks so much for spreading the word!

BlendInBlack: Love your magazine and would love to be involved.  Please email us
MatthewdHansen: I wanted to thank you for your work…this is amazing stuff, please let me know how we can help GivingCity more…THANK YOU!

RogerChavez: I found you through a tweet from @ILH_IGH about futuroFund. Great magazine! Keep up the good work!

Shannon Sandrea: I know it is difficult but don’t give up! Austin needs GivingCity. Please keep us all updated. We love GivingCity.

Aaron Bramley: We’ll miss you. Come back soon!

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  1. Keep up the good work!
    I am proud of you!

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